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Department of Behavioral Health

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Behavioral Health Planning Council (BHPC)

The Behavioral Health Planning Council (BHPC) is an appointed advisory group that helps the Director of the Department of Behavioral Health to:

  • Identify unmet behavioral health needs 
  • Advise the Director in the planning and implementation of person-centered behavioral health services that are easily accessible, integrated and coordinated with co-occurring physical health care treatment; and Communicate to the public about DBH services, goals and objectives, and
  • Monitor, review, and evaluate the allocation and adequacy of mental health and substance abuse services in the District of Columbia; and
  • Serve as advocates for adults and children with behavioral health disorders and needs.

The BHPC performs most of its work in committee meetings staffed by employees of DBH.  

1. Connection to Care                               DBH Staff: Angele Moss-Baker
2. System and Benefits Design               DBH Staff: Melody Calkins
3. Planning and Accountability                DBH Staff: Laura Heaven
4. Advocacy & Outreach                           DBH Staff: Denise McKain

How was the Behavioral Health Planning Council Created?

The Behavioral Health Planning Council was created by the Department's establishment act, the Mental Health Service Delivery Reform Act of 2001, merging the Partnership Council (D.C. Official Code Section 7-1131.10) and the District of Columbia State Mental Health Planning Council (SMHPC).

In response to the Unified Application for the Community Mental Health Services Block Grant and Substance Abuse and Prevention Treatment Block Grant FY 2012–2013 Application Guidance and Instructions (OMB No. 0930–0168) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) 2014 Block Grant guidance, the District of Columbia State Mental Health Planning Council (SMHPC), in coordination with the Partnership Council determined to merge together and incorporate providers, individuals and family members familiar with substance use related issues and funding in order to establish a Behavioral Health Council. The Behavioral Health Council (BHPC) is better able to advise the newly formed Department of Behavioral Health, created on October 1, 2013, by the merger of the District of Columbia Department of Mental Health (the State Mental Health Authority), and Addiction, Prevention and Recovery Administration, Department of Health (the Single State Authority for substance abuse).

Its membership is no smaller than 15 and no more than 30. The Behavioral Health Planning Council By-Laws outline its duties, responsibilities, and membership requirements.

Who Sits on the Behavioral Health Planning Council?

To ensure that the consumer voice will be heard, 51% of the membership must be consumers or their family members and their advocates. Each ward of the District of Columbia also must be represented. Other members include representatives of adult, children and youth, labor, and community private providers.

Who Appoints the Members?

Behavioral Health Planning Council members are appointed for a three-year term by the Director of the Department according to the requirements of the By-Laws. Members may be reappointed for an additional three-year  term but can only be reappointed again after one year of non-membership.

How Often Does the Behavioral Health Planning Council Meet?

The Behavioral Health Planning Council meets every other month, on the last Friday from 10AM – 12PM at DBH 64 New York Avenue, NE. Confirmation or rescheduling of any meeting can be found in the D. C. Register along with a meeting agenda no later than five (5) days prior to the meeting. DBH Stakeholders are welcome to attend meetings as public members.

DBH Stakeholders are welcome to attend meetings as public members.

All meetings will be either fully virtual or hybrid (in-person and virtual).

Meeting Information:

February 23, 2024 (virtual)

April 26, 2024

June 14, 2024

September 27, 2024

October 25, 2024

December 13, 2024

Meetings will be from 10AM -12PM

Meeting Information for June 14, 2024

Virtual Meeting Link:

Meeting number (access code): 2309 209 4105

Password: Dvps3cynM38

Call in number: 202-860-2110 United States Toll (Washington D.C.)

Are Meetings Open to the Public?

Yes.  You also can read the minutes of monthly meetings.

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