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Provider Certification and Regulation

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To ensure that District residents receive quality substance abuse services that meet industry standards and local and federal regulations, APRA’s Office of Certification and Regulation (OCR) certify all substance abuse treatment providers in the District of Columbia and rigorously enforce compliance.

Specifically, OCR promotes, monitors, and enforces the highest quality regulatory standards under DCMR, Title 29, Chapter 23 Certification Standards for Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities and Programs, for delivering services related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drug addictions.  OCR’s vision is to help improve the quality of life for all District residents by ensuring that all providers are compliant and certified.

Access to Recovery Support Services - Providers

The Government of the District of Columbia, Department of Health Addiction Prevention & Recovery Administration (APRA) solicits applications from District-based entities to provide substance abuse recovery support services through the DC Choosing Options for Recovery and Empowerment (DC Core) Access to Recovery (ATR) Program.  This program is supported by the Access to Recovery (ATR) grant from the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). 

Recovery support services will be reimbursed on a fee-for-service basis through Human Care Provider Agreements with successful applicants.  Applicants must meet the Access to Recovery Program certification requirements found in Title 29, Chapter 23 of the DC Municipal Regulations and comply with additional provisions found in the Human Care Provider Agreement.  Funds will support recovery support services that include, but are not limited to, the following:

Recovery support evaluation,  care coordination, care coordination, recovery mentoring/coaching, environmental stability, education services, and public transportation support.

Obtain an application for certification [PDF]. Applications may also be obtained from APRA at 1300 First Street, NE – 3rd floor or by calling the Chief of Certification and Regulation, at (202) 535-1825. 

Select here to view the Access to Recovery Program Certification Regulation (29 DCMR 2368) [PDF].

For additional information, please contact the ATR Project Director, at (202) 727-9032, or the Chief of Certification and Regulation, at (202) 535-1825.


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Frances Buckson, Chief, Office of Certification and Regulation
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(202) 535-1825
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